Giacomo Giannotti



Mediterranean Treasure

One of the cocktails rapresent me the most. I create this cocktail for the World Class Competition 2014 and this cocktail rapresent part of my life and where is coming from, Carrara on the coast of the mediterranean sea and now Barcelona. Is a mix of Vodka, fino sherry from the south of spain, oyster leaf, lemon, honey, coriander. Served with sea salt inside a sea shell and smoked with mediterranean herbs inside a treasure box.

This cocktail won the prize of best cocktail of 2014.

Gelato Paradiso

Created in honor of the ice cream shop of my family “Gelateria Paradiso” a mix of Vodka macerted with turmeric , goat kefir, sherry wine and sage syrup, peach, grapfruit and walnut bitter. Merengue made of kefir and liquid nitrogen.


Is part of our work of investigation over the fluorescent and bio-luminiscent, in this case we mix Gin with Riboflavina (Vitamina B12) with Electric liquor, greapfruit cordial, chocolate bitter and kaffir lime.

The Supercool Martini

This cocktail became a unique cocktail of  Giacomo and Paradiso , reconized all over the world for it’s innovative and creative  presentation.

The Supercool Martini is the “Signature Martini ” of Paradiso barcelona , made with a new gastronomic technique call “ supercooling”. This technique keep the distillate water liquid under the 0° and when is touch the frozen olive is become ice in front of the eye of the guest. After we add a re destilled gin with oregano and fennel  frozen at -22 ° and we finish with a Spray of Mancino Dry vermouth macerated with mustard seeds and an greapfruit peel.

Breakfast in Kentucky

A variation of a whisky sour create  with the ingridients of a perfect breakfast: Orange marmelade, maple syrup, bacon and egg white.

This cocktail is been part of a famous spanish serie “foodie love” where 1 whole chapter was named like the cocktail.

Carribean Night

Variation of a Piña Colada with chocolate, cinnamon  and a coconut cream  that you can eat with a chocolate spoon.


A twist of “Rob Roy”  with hints of pine liquor that’s remeber the scottish Woods, Pedro ximenez add switness, Amer picon and peychoud’s bitter. This cocktail is served in a Quaich glass, a traditional glass for drinking whisky and sharing with friends. Emotions it was create for the World Class Global Final in the 2014 for the Sensory challenge with “Con te partirò” song in the back ground.

Le Peruvièn

A twist of the classic Pisco  Sour with mango e pastis and served in a bird glass.

Solera Presidente

A variation of the classic presidente cocktail aged in barrel and served smoked with vanilla and chocolate tabacco in a pipe glass with chocolate rim and a rasberry cotton candy.


Bourbon Maker’s Mark, jerez Pedro Ximenez, pisco El Gobernador, limón, vainilla, sandia, té de hibiscus y leche clarificada.

Great Gatsby

Whisky Macallan 12DC, miel de trufablanca, amaro, esencia de lavanda y ahumado con tabaco de vainilla y chocolate. Ahumado.

Caribe Italiano

Ron Zacapa 23 con plátano y parmesano, shrub de coco, rúcula y frambuesas. Cítrico y afrutado.

Champagne Negroni

Gin Roku macerado con manzanilla y pimienta rosa, Campari, vermouth Mancino Bianco, Italicus Rossolio de Bergamotto, pomelo, haba Tonka y cava. Seco y perfumado.

Bacco per Bacco

Gin Tanqueray Ten macerado con hojas de parra fermentadas, aperitivo francés, Genepy, cordial de pomelo y soda de manzana verde aloe vera. Refrescante y afrutado.